Create an MSafe Account


The creation of a Safe wallet requires several steps:

  1. One Safe wallet manager (or the assets owner) initiates the MSafe creation process.

  2. Other Safe managers (co-signers) approve and sign on the pending Safe wallet creation request.

  3. After collected enough approvals, create a new Safe wallet (MSafe Account).

Step 1. Initialize MSafe creation

Click on Create a Safe button to initialize MSafe creation process.

Fill in the information about MSafe account creation info, including:

  • Safe managers: a list of addresses manage the MSafe wallet. The connected wallet is automatically filled in as the first manager of the MSafe wallet.

  • Initial balance: The initial balance sent to the MSafe account. The initial balance is used for gas fee during registration.

  • Signing threshold: Minimum approvals required for each transaction for MSafe wallet.

All MSafe managers need to interact and register on MSafe at First time registration before considered as a valid Safe Manager.

After filling the MSafe creation information, click on the next button.

Confirm whether the information about creating a MSafe wallet is correct, and hit "Sign" button to initiate an MSafe creation request.

You will need to sign two messages in wallet extension to initiate the MSafe creation process.

After the transaction is submitted and confirmed on blockchain, you need to wait for other managers to sign on the wallet creation to collect enough approvals to create an MSafe wallet. In this case, two approvals are required to finish the creation process.

It's safe for the wallet creator to close the MSafe app and leave the session. To get back in the session, hit hamburger menu on the top right, and select the MSafe wallet (in pending creations) with MSafe address.

Step 2. Other managers' approval

The creation of a MSafe wallet also need confirmation from other managers.

Connect the wallet of the other manager's to MSafe, and you shall be able to find the MSafe in pending creation wallet list.

Click on the wallet address, and the pending creation is waiting for manager's approval signature.

Click on Sign now and follow the instruction to approve the MSafe wallet creation.

Step 3. Complete the creation

Once enough approvals has been collected from the Safe managers, any of the Safe managers is able to click on Create MSafe Account button to finish the registration.

After the transaction is confirmed on blockchain, a success window will pop out. You can view assets in newly created MSafe wallet.

Congratulations, you have successfully created an MSafe wallet!

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