Change Vote

Any co-manager can change vote from approve to reject or vice versa. Note, if you co-managers happen to take actions and the threshold is met before you change your vote, your vote won't be effective. So be decisive about changing your vote!

Below shows a co-manager first chose to approve.

Then the co-manager decides to change their vote from approve to reject.

The co-manager needs to approve their new decision to reject to confirm.

Now it is a tie, the original proposer approved send, this co-manager initially approved then changed their mind to reject send. Since the threshold is 2, so the 3rd co-manager needs to break the tie by adding another vote to meet the threshold of 2.

In this particular example, the 3rd co-manager chooses to approve.

Now there are 2 votes for approval, which meets the threshold of 2.

The transaction progresses to the final stage "Execute Approval."

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