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Approve / execute a transaction


Execution of each transaction from a MSafe will require multiple signatures from owners.
For transaction request initialization, please check Transfer Coin, Smart Contract | Module Publish, and Entry Function to see how to initialize a function for different use cases.
To confirm with the transaction, you will need to have log in as owner of the MSafe and approve the transaction either in CLI or Web APP. The process of approving a transaction through the CLI interface will be walked through as follows:

Check and view pending transactions

When entering the interactive CLI, you will see a list of MSafe addresses owned by your account (both in pending creation, and already created).
My Momentum Safes
1) 0xdcf84a91017c7e11ef3f7428152eb860b75e5c5b5dc87e8fd8cc13c5fd1ad7f6 (Pending Creation)
2) 0x1908fe0d337d7bd718c8465030c5f306377ac396f3d7acce92f526ae41637cc0
c) Create MSafe
r) Refresh
Please input your option:
Enter the number with the Safe to view the details of the the Safe wallet. If there are any pending transactions, the transactions will be displayed in incrementing sequence number order.
Pending transactions:
| SN | Action | Confirmation |
1) | 4 | Entry function | 1 / 2
2) | 5 | Transfer APT | 1 / 2
n) New transaction
r) Refresh
b) Back
Please input your option: 1
For example here, we see two pending transactions. Select the transaction you want to view the details of the pending transaction:
Transaction details:
Action: Entry function
Call function: 0x1908fe0d337d7bd718c8465030c5f306377ac396f3d7acce92f526ae41637cc0::message::set_message
Arguments (1): [string] "hello momentum safe"
Sender: 0x1908fe0d337d7bd718c8465030c5f306377ac396f3d7acce92f526ae41637cc0
Sequence Number: 4
Expiration: Sun Oct 09 2022 11:58:45 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Gas Price: 100
Max Gas: 5000
Collected signatures from public keys: 1 / 2
pk 0: 0x841a1ca8e47f78c03dc4ec61eb7a6f1aba5f3e4235389a20e7018388bf631f7d
Waiting for my signature. Sign?
s) Sign
v) reVert
r) Refresh
b) Back
Please input your option: s
The CLI will display transaction details (in this case, an entry function call), collected signatures, and action items to be executed.
Input s to approve the Momentum Safe transaction. If there are not enough signatures, a transaction of submit_signature will be called to add the signature to the momentum safe pending transaction. If there is already enough signatures, the Momentum Safe transaction will be executed right way.
Transaction 0xbca825566ad32ea25da861d92dec16f745abfc22bde740c0a9b049010e11e88e submitted. Waiting for confirmation
Transaction confirmed on chain.
After the transaction is submitted, you will not see the transactions in Momentum Safe details page.
Pending transactions:
| SN | Action | Confirmation |
1) | 5 | Transfer APT | 1 / 2
n) New transaction
r) Refresh
b) Back
Please input your option: