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Move Module Publish

Publish move modules with MSafe multi-sig protection
MSafe have provided an official application in the dApp store to support developer publish their move modules with multi-sig protection.
You can follow the step-by-step tutorial to publish your owner move module:

Step 1

Connect to your MSafe wallet and open the App Store menu.

Step 2

Open MSafe Move Module Publisher application.

Step 3

You will see the application is opened and click the Connect button, it should connect to your current MSafe wallet.
Once you are connected to your MSafe wallet, you can find your wallet information and some instruction on the page and you can follow the instruction to publish your move module.

Step 4

Click above address copy button to copy your current MSafe wallet address and replace your address in the Move.toml address section as below image:
Run command:
aptos move compile --save-metadata
to compile your module with MSafe address and you should get similar result as below:

Step 5

Click the Select button and select your build output folder, normally named as /build.
Once you select the build folder and it can be correctly parsed, you can see your move metadata details and gas estimation fee in the details section.

Step 6

When you confirm your details are correct then click the Deploy button to publish your module.
Click the Submit button to submit your transaction with your current MSafe wallet.
You will see the confirm dialog depending on your single sig wallet connected, click Confirm to approve the transaction.
And you will see a second submit dialog and wallet approve dialog, just approve it.
When you approve the transaction, you can find your transaction on the Transaction Queue page.

Step 7

Now the multi-sig transaction is created, you need to sign this transaction with the other owner's wallet.
In this example, the owner's count is 2 and now it should change to another owner's wallet account to approve the module publish transaction.
When you connect to another wallet, you can find the transaction on Transaction Queue page.

Step 8

Click the Confirm button to approve this transaction.
As the same, you will also need to confirm twice in the wallet extension.

Step 9

When you approve the transaction, you can find it on the Transaction History page.
And you can also check the transaction details on Aptos explorer.
We can see the move module is published into the MSafe multi-sig address.