Use dApps

To access dApps in MSafe store, first click on App Store in the navigation bar on the left to get to the App Store screen.

Then click on the dApp you would like to use. In the example below, Topaz NFT market place was selected. Then Topaz web app is displayed inside the MSafe framework.

The user can then log into Topaz the same way they normally do by Connecting Wallet inside the Topaz web app. Note, MSafe is also listed as one of the options that Topaz supports. The user can also select their MSafe account to directly purchase NFTs and store their NFTs in their MSafe account.

Below shows the example of selecting MSafe as the wallet option to connect.

Below shows the the choices the user has after selecting a particular NFT collection.

From the collection, the user chooses to buy a particular NFT.

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