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Account info

After you enter the interactive CLI, you are able to see the wallet information. For example:

My Aptos account

My Address: 	0x67f57b23112edc0ab9173756500a4f2a566e5088562ca1a79ea81cc2b54336b6
My PubKey: 	0x2599260569311822c3b3ae5d850e680ef17bff74c3ab7abb1033995ac9b432d4
My Balance: 	1.0006 APT

You may confirm whether the address and balance is correct with your account setup.

Register (only first time)

If this is the first time the wallet is interacting with Momentum Safe, the CLI will ask you to register to Momentum Safe modules. Press ENTER to use the default [Y] option to register.

The wallet hasn't been registered yet. Register now? [Y/n]


	Transaction 0xc3395880a99b0d13271bd88b73f086211b07936f0c953a37d3dfff331a798182 submitted on chain
	Transaction confirmed. Registration succeeds.



After clicking on continue, you are able to choose next step.

My Momentum Safes

	1)	0x43b68d1027e84f0ca347ed633b87bb71437a5c50101b7f82b354b4ae7cc9d7aa
	c)	Create MSafe
	r)	Refresh

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