Address Book

MSafe wallet provides the feature "address book" so that user can save the address name alias in local storage for easy fund management.

Click on the ‘Address Book’ option from the Dashboard. You will see all default addresses listed here.

The MSafe wallet address and MSafe manager addresses are automatically added upon successful account creation.

a) Add Address alias

To add an address alias, click on the ‘Add’ option given at the top-left of the dashboard.

Enter the Name and Address and Click ‘confirm’.

Added address alias will be shown in the address book.

b) Remove address

Click on the 'Bin' icon given next to the edit option of each address.

Click ‘Delete’ to permanently delete the address from your MSafe Address book.

c) Modify address

Click on the ‘edit’ icon to modify any address details.

d) Using address alias

The address will automatically show in the drop-down list whenever you try to transfer the coin from your MSafe wallet.

Also the address name alias is visible in all transaction queue / history.

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