Connect Wallet

MSafe is a decentralized web application and a smart contract multi-sig wallet interacting with Aptos EOA wallets. To use MSafe, you will need to install and create a wallet on Aptos through any of the following wallet providers that already integrated with MSafe wallet.

Connect wallet

Upon open the MSafe wallet web application, you will be asked to establish a connection with any of the Aptos wallets supported by MSafe.

You may also connect the wallet through the Connect Wallet button.

Choose one of the wallet extension, and approve the wallet to interact with MSafe.

  • Your MSafe app and the connected Aptos wallet shall be on the same network. For example, both of them shall be on Testnet or Mainnet.

  • Make sure you have created the account in wallet extension and have some APT token in your wallet.

After successfully connecting the wallet, you shall able to see the wallet address on the top right corner.

Disconnect wallet

If you want to disconnect wallet, you can click on the address and select disconnect.

You can now select another wallet extension to interact with MSafe.

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