Migration from MSafe 1.0 to MSafe 2.0

This guide is for using MSafe Cli to migrate your MSafe 1.0 multisig to MSafe 2.0

  • Clone repository https://github.com/Momentum-Safe/CLI-MSafe and checkout to latest main branch

  • Run command yarn && yarn start to start MSafe CLI

  • Select your multisig from the list

  • Select migration command

  • Select Sign command

  • Change to another signer and run MSafe CLI

  • Select target multisig

  • Select migration transaction

  • Select Sign and Execute (When collecting enough signers)

  • Once the migration transaction is executed the status of the multisig will be migrated

  • You can access the migrated account from MSafe v2 via: https://aptos.m-safe.io/

  • If you have any issues, please contact the MSafe team for support.

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