Note some basic knowledge is assumed as prerequisites, including:

  1. Command line interface operation

  2. Github commands

  3. Yarn & typescript


Install Aptos CLI

Follow the Aptos official guide to install the Aptos CLI under the system $PATH directory.

After installation, check with the command line shall give you the following message:

$ which aptos

$ aptos --version
aptos 0.3.4

Install node.js

Install node.js and yarn on your machine.


Clone repository

Open a terminal, go to the directory you want to install CLI-MSafe, and clone the Github repository for CLI-MSafe.

$ git clone

Install dependancies

$ cd CLI_MSafe
$ yarn install

Wait for package download and installation.

Setup a wallet

Use aptos to initialize a wallet on Devnet.

$ aptos init

Follow the instructions to create a new wallet and the full-node url configurations. For a first time user, we suggest you to follow all default configurations to create a new account on Aptos Devnet.

The command will create a yaml file with the message about full-node api endpoints and account private key and address.

$ ls .aptos/config.yaml

Get some initial fund from faucet

aptos account fund-with-faucet --account ${WALLET_ADDRESS_CREATED} --amount 100000000

Getting started

User yarn to start the CLI tool.

yarn start

Contracts! You have already started to interact with the MSafe through interactive CLI! Feel free to follow the prompts in the CLI tool and play around.

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