Call An Entry Function

Run an entry function using scripts/entry-function.ts.

In the script, a function calling the test script is called.


You may change the entry function, type arguments and arguments as you want in typescript for your own function calls.

  // CLI-MSafe/scripts/entry-function.ts:line 32
  // Apply your function call and arguments here
  const msafeTxn = await makeEntryFunctionTx(
      fnName: "0x1908fe0d337d7bd718c8465030c5f306377ac396f3d7acce92f526ae41637cc0::message::set_message",
      typeArgs: [],
      args: [BCS.bcsSerializeStr("Hello momentum safe")],
    {sequenceNumber: sn},

Run script with yarn

yarn run entry-function --msafe ${MSAFE_ADDR}
Action:			Entry function
Call function:		0x1908fe0d337d7bd718c8465030c5f306377ac396f3d7acce92f526ae41637cc0::message::set_message
Arguments (1):		[string]	Hello momentum safe
Sender:			0x1908fe0d337d7bd718c8465030c5f306377ac396f3d7acce92f526ae41637cc0
Sequence Number:	10
Expiration:		Thu Oct 13 2022 20:45:55 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Gas Price:		100
Max Gas:		5000


Do you confirm with the transaction? [Y/n]

After confirming the entry function, a transaction to initiate a transaction from MSafe wallet calling message::set_message is submitted on chain.

Other owners may confirm the transaction either in interactive CLI or Web App.

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