Initiate Creation

Click on “Create Account” button in the middle of the page or click on the "+" on the left vertical navigation bar to get started.

Because you already entered the long wallet address of your co-managers using the Address book, now you only need to type in their nicknames

In this example, 2 co-managers are added to the account, in addition to the co-manager who initiated account creation.

Next, set threshold. Set the minimum number of signatures out of total possible signatures required to approve transactions. As a multi-sig account, recommend setting threshold to 2 or more to decentralize assets management for enhanced security.

Confirm co-Managers & threshold setting and read Terms & Services.

Be default, the account creator needs to approve to account setting.

Note: co-managers need to accept your invitation to agree to be co-signers of this account.

Highly recommend that you wait for co-managers to accept invitations before depositing assets. Depositing does not require co-manager's approval but sending (withdrawing) requires co-managers' consent.

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