MSafe is a security-first digital asset management solutions provider and platform. MSafe exemplifies security-centric mindset and product development by making sure that our own code is secure, robust and reliable. MSafe is proud to share the results of security audits conducted independently by top security auditing firms Zellic and Ottersec.

“ MSafe’s non-custodial digital asset management platform offers best-in-class security, decentralization and flexibility needed by organizations. Excited to support MSafe’s strong team with ambitious goals and capabilities to scale web3 financial services.” - Saurabh Sharma, Head of investments with Jump Crypto

“ At AptosNFT.Market we were looking for the most secure way to deploy smart contracts. Useful and easy-to-use MSafe tooling helped us in launching our dApp on time ensuring a great level of security through multisg contracts management.” - Kos, CTO of AptosNFT.Market

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