MSafe | Aptos

2022 Q4

Added New Functionalities & Enhanced User Experience
MSafe team added new features and functionalities to scale product adoption.

New Integration

We integrated the following single-sig wallets with MSafe multi-sig wallet to make MSafe accessible to more digital asset holders.
  • Fewcha wallet
  • Petra wallet
  • OKX wallet

New Features

We added the following new features
  • Address book allows users to easily add and identify wallet addresses of co-signers and recipients.
  • Pyth price feed allows users to evaluate the total value of their assets in their MSafe wallets.
  • Show receiving token transactions in transaction history
  • Gas estimation; Users can also configure the estimated gas price and gas limit to meet their budget.

User Experience

When creating a new MSafe wallet

  • Added a hover for pending signatures.
  • When the user connects to the MSafe wallet or enters the MSafe app page, the page automatically displays the hamburger menu button that can MSafe wallet list (pending or created).
  • After refresh and the wallet creation is finished, the hamburger menu pops up on the right.
  • Added signing threshold (max number of signature wallets) validation step (threshold is > 0 and < the maximum number of signature wallets).
  • Filter out pending creation already expired.

When executing a new transaction

  • Added more descriptive instructions.
  • After initializing a new transaction, the application will jump to the Queue page.
  • Approving a transaction between two confirmations needs to wait for 1s.
  • Optimized alignment of transactions displayed on screen.
  • Added a Reject button.
  • Make the Auto-refresh interval 10s.
  • Check whether the recipient address is valid.
  • Check whether the transfer amount is valid (decimal).
  • After transaction execution, the MSafe wallet app automatically refreshes the transaction history list.
  • Optimized reject, complete and approve button sizes.
  • Added more instruction detail when adding a new coin.

When rejecting a transaction

  • Updated instruction wording.
  • When displaying a transaction to be rejected, details are expanded one at a time.
  • The user only needs to reject a transaction once to avoid confusion.
  • Extended the default expiration time for rejected transactions.

Address Book

  • Added the multi-sig address alias as the default wallet.
  • Allow the user to add a new address during a transaction.
  • Added address validation rules.
  • Added duplication checks for addresses and their aliases.
  • Shortened the interval for auto refreshing when creating the wallet.
  • The recipient can select from their address book list.
  • Address book character limitation is set to 50.
  • During a transaction, the user can give the address an alias, to be included in the address book.
  • Added default temporary name to each signature wallet address, when the user first uses MSafe wallet.