Transfer Coin

APT coin can be stored or transferred from MSafe.

If you haven't created a MSafe yet, follow Create a MSafe Wallet for a new Safe.

Receive APT coin

To receive APT coin from other accounts, you can simply send some APT token to the multi-sig wallet from another account.

If you are on Testnet / Devnet, you will also be able to obtain some test tokens from faucet. Use

aptos account fund-with-faucet --account ${YOUR_ACCOUNT} --amount 100000000

Send APT

To send APT from a MSafe wallet, select n) New Transaction to initiate a new transaction.

Please choose your transaction type

	1)	Transfer APT
	2)	Transfer COIN
	3)	Register COIN
	4)	Custom module interaction
	5)	Module publish

Please input your option:		1

Input any transaction arguments as prompt:

Start Transfer APT

	To address:		0xbb3fce4b4d370fd3770cfcd346e3ab72811c2d73871bf803547b60c7d8184ab7
	Amount (APT):		0.01

After confirmed with the transaction details, the transaction request is submit to blockchain.

To approve the transaction from other owners, either confirm the transaction in CLI or Web APP.

Coin Register

You need to register at a coin resource to receive some specific coin type. To register a coin for a MSafe wallet, first select n) New transaction and 3) Register COIN to initiate and submit the register transaction.

Start Register COIN

	Coin type:		0xf22cfdb70d3f3dca7099cfe5ecd999be165cd16daa3e47ee75b1a37187af1d03::test_coin::TestCoin


Transaction confirmation:

Action:			Register COIN
Coin:			0xf22cfdb70d3f3dca7099cfe5ecd999be165cd16daa3e47ee75b1a37187af1d03::test_coin::TestCoin
Sender:			0x1908fe0d337d7bd718c8465030c5f306377ac396f3d7acce92f526ae41637cc0
Sequence Number:	1
Expiration:		Sat Oct 08 2022 00:57:39 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
Gas Price:		100
Max Gas:		5000

Confirm on other owner accounts to approve the coin register transaction.

Send a specific coin type

Select 2) Transfer COIN to initiate the custom coin transfer transaction. Input the full path of the coin when CLI prompts for the coin type.

Start Transfer COIN

	Coin type:		0xf22cfdb70d3f3dca7099cfe5ecd999be165cd16daa3e47ee75b1a37187af1d03::test_coin::TestCoin
	To address:		0xbb3fce4b4d370fd3770cfcd346e3ab72811c2d73871bf803547b60c7d8184ab7
	Amount:			100

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