dApp Store Integration

MSafe dApp Store allows users to interact with any third party dApp UI that has integrated with MSafe. Integrating a dApp with the MSafe dApp Store enables multiple approvals for a dApp function call. This brings composable security to the Aptos ecosystem. MSafe dApp Store is a convenient place that displays all dApps with enhanced security through MSafe.

Key User Benefits

  1. Enhance security by preventing single points of failures.

  2. MSafe dApp Store directs users to most popular projects on Aptos.

User Flow:

  1. Enter a dApp.

  2. Select an MSafe wallet.

  3. Select the dApp tab.

  4. Select a dApp, start interacting with the dApp interface.

  5. When a transaction proposal is submitted, the user waits for the other manager’s approval / confirmation.

  6. Upon receiving enough approval, the transaction with the dApp will be executed on chain.

How to integrate with MSafe dApp Store:

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