Integrate with MSafe (DAPP)

Msafe Wallet SDK is used to integrate any dapp into msafe multi-sign wallet. The frontend of App will run in an iframe under the msafe website, this SDK can be used for the connection and interactions between App and MSafe wallet.

This SDK wraps the msafe wallet and exposes a set of easy-to-use wallet interfaces. We have also worked out a solution to integration msafe-wallet into @manahippo/aptos-wallet-adaptor, so that you can access our wallet simply by adding one line of code.

The integration result will be as follows:

  1. The application is opened within a child frame within MSafe dApp.

  2. The application can connect to MSafe wallet address.

  3. The application receives account change event when connected MSafe wallet is changed.

  4. When submitting a transaction, the transaction proposal will be submitted, and need to be approved by other MSafe managers.

There are either of the two solutions to integrate msafe wallet to your dapp:

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