Treasury Management

One of the key use cases enabled by the MSafe wallet is treasury management. By putting an entity’s treasury into a multi-sig wallet, stakeholders can safeguard the treasury in a collaborative manner.

Fund Management

MSafe Wallet can be used to hold a fund that is created and managed by a set of stakeholders. Thus, all operations related to the wallet are executed by collecting enough signatures of the stakeholders, and the stakeholders are able to participate in fund management.

DAO Treasury

MSafe Wallet is also ideal for storing a DAO’s treasury that needs to be co-managed by selected DAO members. These selected DAO members are responsible for managing the DAO treasury according to DAO votes or DAO policies. Managing a DAO’s treasury using MSafe Wallet enables the true decentralized nature of DAO, where community members can have voices, including treasury management.

Project Token Management

When a project uses MSafe Wallet to manage its token assets, core team members or even community leaders can decentralize the access permission of the project treasury and protocol. Projects can use MSafe Wallet in multiple ways, such as:

  1. Project token vesting and distribution.

  2. Fund management & project revenue.

  3. Streaming payments sent to employees or partners.

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