Integration test


  1. Install a web wallet we support, like Pontem,Martian,Petra,Fewcha,Okx.

  2. Switch to Aptos Testnet

  3. Open our Partner Network Website: (Connected to Testnet)

  4. Create a msafe wallet according to our User Guide.

Test steps

1. Integrate msafe into your application according to the document.

2. Start your dapp website in local, record the url. For example: http://localhost:3000/dapp

3. Get your msafe dapp url:

  • via javacript: ``

  • via SDK: MSafeWallet.getAppUrl('');

For example, if you want to load application URL at https://localhost:3000/dapp, the URL for MSafe is

4. Open the url from step3 in your chrome browser.

The screenshot below shows the interface of a demo dapp in

5. Test connect to msafe wallet and send transactions.

Example Github

Here is an example Github repo to interact with MSafe DAPP Store.

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