MPay is a decentralized stream payment application built on the SUI ecosystem. This application empowers users to seamlessly stream tokens to recipients over a predefined period, providing a versatile and automated payment solution. The key features of MPay include:

  1. Universal Token Support: MPay supports all types of tokens on the SUI network, ensuring broad compatibility and flexibility for users.

  2. Stream Groups: Users can create stream groups where multiple recipients share the same token release schedule, simplifying the management of large-scale payments.

  3. Auto Claim Feature: With the auto claim feature enabled, MPay automatically facilitates the claiming process for recipients, ensuring timely and hassle-free token retrieval.

  4. Cliff: Users can set a cliff period at the start date, defining an initial lock-up period before the streaming of tokens begins.

  5. Cancelable Streams: Streams can be configured as cancelable at the time of creation. This allows the sender to cancel the stream and reclaim any unstreamed tokens, providing additional security and flexibility.

  6. MSafe Integration: MPay integrates with MSafe, multi-sig wallet on SUI, to enhance the security of token management. This integration ensures that multiple approvals are required for critical transactions, providing an additional layer of protection for users' assets.

MPay leverages the robust and secure infrastructure of the SUI ecosystem to deliver an efficient and user-friendly experience for decentralized token streaming. Whether for payroll, subscriptions, or other recurring payments, MPay offers a powerful solution to meet diverse financial needs.

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