MSafe 101

What is MSafe?

MSafe is a security-first digital assets management solution built on Move. MSafe is the first and only multi-signature, non-custodial, smart contract wallet deployed on Sui mainnet since day 1.

What is Move?

Move is a new programmable platform for blockchains and other applications where safety and correctness are paramount. It is an executable bytecode language designed to provide safe and verifiable transaction-oriented computation.

Why MSafe?

  • Security – Multi-sign removes single points of failure, providing an additional layer of security for transactions on Sui

  • Decentralization – MSafe enables true decentralization that is missing in custodial wallets and single-signature non-custodial wallets but needed to prevent bad actors from transferring assets out of wallets.

  • Account Recovery – Users do not have to worry again about lost or compromised keys. Co-signers can restore access if a private key is lost.

  • Permission Control – MSafe's advanced permission control is designed to meet each organization’s needs by allowing select co-manager(s) to have weighted voting power.

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